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Since 2018, Dr. Embroider has set out to more than simply refine the traditional embroidered t-shirts. We have scraped the old and begun with a new approach that is both chic and modern to everyday individuals. We take the finest cottons sourced from round the world to make snug fitting t-shirts, adding our personal touch with an embroidered phrase to each of them. To achieve the best quality, our t-shirts are individually checked in our factories.


All our t-shirts have our Goat Doctor embroidered at the back. Each phrase is embroidered and intends to poke fun at everyday life. Most importantly, we want people to enjoy and feel comfortable in our t-shirts and differentiate them from printed t-shirts.


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"Call me Doctor…"

— Dr. Embroider

Call me Papi

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Our Goat Doctors were tired of constantly seeing similar prints or writing on clothing and thus set out to create Dr. Embroider. In coming up with the brand and phrases, YOU were our inspiration, the cool kid from the block.

Designed in Central London by our Goat Doctors and carefully sewn and embroidered in our facilities in Greece, yet our ties stretch all over the world.